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Ballad of Jek Porkins - 10.01.07

Take it easy people, no-one is a bigger Star Wars fan than I am.

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SAY WHAT?! - 09.30.07

Back in 2000, I was at the bookstore with a friend when we noticed a discount page-a-day calendar. It was February already so all of the 2000 calendars were marked down to a dollar. But what www.mobilesexgames.co.uk stood out about this calendar was that it took old public domain photos and added blank captions to them.

Oh, the fun that could be had with this!

Now 7 years and 2 calendars later, I have a feature called Say What Sunday which I plan to use on weekends and special occasions. A little extra entertainment since weekends are usually the slow time of the week.

The Other DC Turns One! - 09.15.07

Today is a day of great celebration!

It is the one year anniversary of Deranged Comics!

The actual site didn�t come along until January but the first Stellar Worlds strip debuted one year ago today. So, I�d like to thank everyone that�s been reading all of this time and I hope that year two sees things continue to grow.

As far as the State of the Comic, I�ve had people ask me about Stellar Worlds. I�m not done with Stellar Worlds by a long shot. It�s simply shifted priorities with Every Day Is Halloween. But just because I haven�t posted new strips doesn�t mean I�m not working on it.

Every Day Is Halloween will expose our favorite monsters to a huge, brand new world that none of them know anything about. I�m personally really excited about this upcoming year for EDiH.

Ninja Octopus will be around too but you never know when. After all, he does strike without warning.

I�m considering bringing back a feature from my personal Live Journal to The Other DC site called �Say What Sunday�. Perhaps for the weekends. It will help me keep content fresh.

Also in the next year, I�d like to get some swag made up for the sight. I already have a Headless Horseman & BJ shirt idea that I�m excited about. Also, some prints are already available on my Deviant Art page.

Finally, there are some surprises in the works. None of which I can really say anything about at the moment but I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Until then.

Thanks for reading! -Doc

New Comic News - 04.25.07

Remember, if you're interested in Deranged Comic news as well as updates on when new strips will be up, you should visit my Live Journal. It's slightly easier to update than the main page here so I do that more often.

I also have a comicspace page as well as a Deviant Art Page. Look me up!